Customize Your Call Screen with Call Screen Themes App
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Are you tired of the same old incoming and outgoing call screens on your phone? Do you wish to personalize and modify your call screen to stand out?

Look no further! The “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app is here to help you revamp your call screen and add a unique touch.

This powerful app offers a range of features to make your call screen truly distinctive. With a wide array of call screen themes and color phone options, you can easily change, edit, and customize your call screen according to your preferences.

Customize Your Call Screen with Call Screen Themes App
Customize Your Call Screen with Call Screen Themes App

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Enhance Your Call Experience

The “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app offers an exciting range of features to enhance your call experience:

Diverse Call Screen Themes

Choose from over 100 call screen themes, each categorized to match your taste. Whether you’re a fan of Anime, 3D Games, Neon, Cute, or prefer a more classic Black and White or Vintage look, you’ll find a theme that resonates with you.

Vast Wallpaper Collection

Access a library of 10,000+ colourful wallpapers to further personalize your call screen. Match your call screen theme with a wallpaper that suits your style.

DIY Call Screen

Unleash your creativity and design your phone’s call screen. With the DIY call screen feature, you can use your own pictures and choose from various call button styles.

Quick Dialing

Speed dials your frequently used contacts for fast and easy calling. The app also supports dual SIM cards, allowing you to select the desired SIM for your call.

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How to Use the App

Getting started with the “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app is a breeze:

Download and Install the App: Head to your app store and download the “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app.

Set as Default Phone App: To change your call screen, set this app as your default phone app.


  • Use the “Contact” tab to find the contact you need.
  • Utilize the “Dialer” tab to make a call.
  • Browse available call screen templates in the “Template” tab.
  • Create your own call screen by clicking on the (+) button.
  • Review downloaded or created templates in the “Saved” tab.
  • Enjoy Your New Call Screen: You’re now all set to experience incoming calls with the coolest and most stylish call themes.

Your Privacy Matters:

Rest assured; your privacy is a top priority. We do not collect or share any your personal information. The app’s requested permissions are solely for enhancing its functionality and ensuring it works seamlessly.

Thank you for choosing the “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app to personalize your call screen. If you have any suggestions or encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us at Happy customizing!

Frequently Asked Questions For Call Screen Themes App

Here are some common questions about the “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app and their respective answers:

Are there wallpapers available for the call screen?

Absolutely! The app provides access to a vast collection of 10,000+ colorful wallpapers that you can match with your chosen call screen theme for a complete and personalized look.

How often are new themes and templates added to the app?

We regularly update the app with new call screen templates and themes. You can expect fresh and exciting options every month, keeping your call screen experience constantly updated and appealing.

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