Ethereal Echoes: Painting Your Calls with Call Screen – Color Phone Themes
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Introducing the marvel that is Call Screen – Color Phone Themes, an unparalleled Android application that grants you the power to redefine your phone calls.

Dive into a world of resplendent and enchanting color themes, elevating your conversations to the level of artistic expression.

Whether your aim is to radiate uniqueness or unfurl your individuality, Call Screen – Color Phone Themes is your faithful companion on this creative journey.

Magic Call Screen Animation App


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Revamp Your Call Interface:

Bid farewell to the mundane call interface. With Call Screen – Color Phone Themes, the realm of customization is yours to explore. Delve into an expansive library of enthralling color palettes to adorn your incoming and outgoing call screens. From sophisticated designs to whimsical choices, an array of themes awaits, tailored to match every conceivable mood and personality.

Illuminate Your Calls:

Never again shall you miss an imperative call. Activate the ‘Flash on Call’ feature, and watch as your phone’s flashlight orchestrates a silent, radiant ballet upon the arrival of an incoming call. Even amidst bustling crowds and clamorous surroundings, you shall remain instantly informed.

A Symphony of Distinct Contacts:

Bestow your cherished contacts with a unique aura. Allocate specific color themes to your closest confidants, whether they be kindred spirits or cherished family members. As they dial your number, their distinct themes shall grace your screen, effortlessly identifying them in the blink of an eye.

The Canvas of Your Imagination:

Unleash the boundless realm of your creativity by crafting personalized call screens. Embrace your favorite images, wallpapers, or shades to sculpt bespoke color themes that echo your individuality. This is the art of personalization, reimagined like never before.
Released onJun 16, 2023
RequiresAndroid 7.0 and up

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Magic Call Screen Animation App
Magic Call Screen Animation App

With Call Screen: Color Phone Themes, you are the maestro of your calling symphony. Customize your call interface, never miss an important call with the ‘Flash on Call’ feature, and endow special contacts with an unmistakable identity. Unleash your creativity, revel in a user-friendly interface, and rest assured, your privacy remains safeguarded.

Developer Opinion: We eagerly await your thoughts on Call Screen – Color Phone Themes. Should you have any inquiries or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you.


We hope that you have been satisfied with the information you have read, if you still have some doubts then below is the section that can be answered briefly and with explanations, see and benefit:

What Makes Call Screen – Color Phone Themes So Exceptional?

Call Screen App: Color Phone Themes is a tapestry of vibrant hues that breathe life into your calls. It’s an artistic journey, a kaleidoscope of uniqueness, where you sculpt your calling experience like a poet crafting verse.

How Do I Transform My Call Interface?

Your call interface is your canvas, waiting to be painted with vivid strokes of individuality. Dive into a treasure trove of captivating color themes, each a symphony of emotions. Choose the one that mirrors your mood, your essence.

Can I Illuminate My Calls With Magic?

Yes, indeed! Activate the ‘Flash on Call,’ and behold the enchantment. Your phone’s flashlight becomes a beacon, illuminating the path to connection, even in the depths of a noisy, chaotic world.

What About Special Contacts?

Your special ones deserve a unique spotlight. Assign them distinct color themes, a whispered secret in the world of color. When they call, their essence dances upon your screen, unmistakable, like a cherished melody.

Can I Paint My Own Masterpiece?

The canvas of creativity is yours to wield. Infuse your call screen with your essence. Blend your favorite images, hues, and dreams to craft a symphony that’s yours and yours alone.

Why Embrace Call Screen – Color Phone Themes?

Elevate your calling experience, for it is more than mere conversation. It is a tapestry of color, a dance of light, an expression of self. Set free your distinct voice to resonate throughout the world.

How Does It Simplify Call Identification?

Imagine a world where your dearest ones are cloaked in distinctive colors. With Call Screen – Color Phone Themes, this world is yours to explore. Recognize them at a glance, like old friends in a crowded square.

What About the Guiding Light?

The ‘Flash on Call’ is your guiding star. It blinks in rhythm with your phone’s heartbeat, signaling the arrival of an important call. Even in silence, it whispers urgency.

Is Creative Expression Truly Unleashed?

Like a phoenix from the ashes, your artistic soul soars. Craft call screens that are your canvases, a gallery of self-expression. Share your vision with the world.

What Awaits With Call Screen – Color Phone Themes?

An odyssey, a transformation, an enchantment. Your calling experience will transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. You will become the conductor of your symphony, the author of your story.

Embrace Call Screen – Color Phone Themes as a poet embraces words, with passion and the promise of a colorful journey. Dive into the hues of uniqueness, and let your calls sing with emotions.

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